Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Abandoned Pools - Humanistic (Extasy)
US release date: 25 September 2001

Abandoned Pools is the brainchild of ex Eels member Tommy Walter and needless to say it is nothing like the Eels, a grand departure, trading in folksy indie rhythms for straight up alt-rock power. The songs on Humanistic are well crafted and full of harmony. Subtle samples round out several songs. The album is an emotional joyride that by the end you don't want it to stop.

The power hit "The Remedy" clearly shines on this album with lyrics like:
Then you can be the remedy / And I can be the enemy / And he can go and live as nothing / Then you can be the wanna be / And I can be the remedy / And he can go to hell for all I care" but I prefer the somber and simple "Never:" Well we never made it through another day/ And it's all because you had to have it your way/So lucky you /I wonderin' when I'll be OK /If it's never than it's never /Well your mind is there but your heart is out to lunch /And it's all because your philosophy's just a hunch /T.V. time's over/Father's order.

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